GP Foundation

The mother of the Foundations for Cancer Researches is the non-profit organization: The Foundation for Cancer Research, founded over thirty years ago.

Over the following years of being in operation, it is has raised over $200 million in research funds in the hopes of coming up with solutions to cancer prevention. The organization is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The organization also tries to get the community involved by calling out for instructors and health workers to get people motivated in exercising and eating healthy (which are two ways to decrease the chances of getting cancer).

Some of their services include events which can be attended by Cancer research supporters. Some of these benefits includes sports such as golfing and tournaments. Other activities include 5K walks and garage sales. Marathons are a popular event and tends to get a lot of response from the community.


Some of their research has been dedicated to finding a cure to cancer. Some believe that cancer can be cured based on study research by some of the top scientists in the world. While some believe that their studies is stuck at this stage; it is not. Many researchers also develop prevention strategies and early diagnostic techniques. Some of these techniques may include ground-breaking treatments and anti-cancer drugs. Some of their progress included coming up with new information about the causes and symptoms of cancer. Some of these included; the identification of 20 new drug candidates, which researchers found anti-cancer agents that could become effective treatments in cancer. Other break-throughs include the development of 15 novel research tools which are critical to bringing new and effective drugs to the healthcare market and improving cancer treatments for patients.

Cancer Types

The foundation does not limit their research to one type of cancer, as all types are equally researched. Some of these cancers include; head and neck, Leukemia, Lung, Brain, breast and kidney cancer.

Latest News

One of the latest updates for the Foundation for Cancer Research was the study which concluded that the HPV vaccine could protect against precancerous growths and genital warts. The study suggested that drugs like Gardasil can protect patients against high-grade precancerous changes made in the vagina, vulva and cervix. While these studies are non definite, they do open up cancer researchers to something to chew on.


Patients also have access to a plethora of services such as treatment decision tools, Cancer patient assistance funds and cancer patients also have the ability to share their story.